Why in Bacau

Why in Bacau

You will benefit of high quality medical services, inversely proportional to the prices we have. A simple view of the price list will convince you that you will pay even 10 times less than in your country for the same medical procedure.

Romanian doctors are extremely appreciated abroad, and the increasing number of foreign students attending Romanian famous Universities of Medicine attest the high quality of private medical services in Romania. This fact guarantees that people choosing to come to our clinic are treated at the highest standards of medical care. Every year, the number of foreign patients who treat in Romania increases, in 2009 reaching 100.000. They come from England, U.S., Italy, France, Germany, etc, and they save up at least 60% compared to the costs of the same medical services in their own country.

We operate 100% according to the European Union.

We certainly don’t play with our patients safety, our three Dental Surgeries and the Dental Clinic soon to be open are impeccable. We have certificates and trophies acquired over many years, due to the collective efforts of the entire team, led by Coordinating Doctor Rodica Dascalu.

We use materials imported from EU or U.S.Biserica Sf. Precista

We are not sacrificing quality in any area. We pay attention to details and everything that goes into a medical procedure is chosen with great care.

We are attentive and friendly, and your needs become our priority. With us you will feel comfortable, and you will have a quality experience.

Take advantage of our tourism opportunities! If you want, besides the medical treatment, we’ll give you our full support to help you choose some tourist attractions to visit and we will take care of your trip for you.

It is very easy to get to us! Bacau has the biggest airport in Moldavia. We’ll wait for you at arrival and accompany you to the clinic or to the hotel.





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