About Bacau

About Bacau

Our city is located in Moldavia, the eastern part of Romania (east of the Oriental Carpathians and Transylvania) and has around 200,000 inhabitants.

Bacau is crossed by an important river, being certificated in 1408 as Bistrita. The river carved it’s way through the Carpathians, creating one of the most amazing landscapes in Romania called Bicaz Gorges, upstream from the Bicaz Dam.

Our town is mainly a commercial city with a continental climate characterized by cold winters and hot summers.Bacau

Among the foreign languages spoken by people of Bacau there are English, Italian and French.

Bacau has the largest airport in Moldavia, with flights operated by Tarom, Blue Air and Carpatair to major cities in Europe. www.bacauairport.ro

We have a lot of things worth visiting, including:

  • Virgin Mary Church, of 500 years old.
  • Ruins of the Royal Court from fifteenth-century.
  • New Romano Catholic Cathedral. It is a true piece of modern art, the largest Romano Catholic church in Moldavia (over 70 meters tall)
  • The Orthodox Cathedral , a monumental building, and a piece of art that blends both the traditional and modern style. On it’s completion date it will be the largest Orthodox church in Romania, measuring over 80 meters, and with no fewer than 18 bells.
  • Recreation Island, an oasis of tranquility and green in the middle of Bistrita river, that goes through the heart of the city.
  • And last but not least, the best clubs in Eastern Europe, like “Marinarul” (The Sailor), an open air club, on the Recreation Island.

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