Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is a worldwide industry, and leaders are the Asian countries which saw in this niche the financial salvation of local stomatology.

 With the entrance in the European Union, Romania became a favorite destination for business, trips and at the same time, for solving dental issues at much lower prices and at a similar quality as the other European countries.  In Romania, depending on the procedure, the price of most treatments can be 5-6 times lower than, for example, Great Britain. With the dental tourism program, the Stomdas Clinic offers patients from other countries, as well as Romanians established abroad, the following benefits:

  • The possibility to visit picturesque places in Romania, this being realized in collaboration with the partner tourism agencies;
  • The opportunity to benefit from a complete set of dental solutions, at much more attractive prices than in the countries from Western Europe. Stomdas Clinic owns ultra-performance equipment, works with the best quality materials and places at your disposal the services of a team of specialized physicians in all fields of dentistry, having as primary objective the provision of dental services at the highest level;
  • Stomdas Clinic offers guesthouse accommodation to patients which came from abroad, on the specially designed floor of the clinic.
  • All interventions are done in the same place, the Stomdas Clinic having  all the necessary equipment and the entire range of dental specializations, including a playground for children;
  • In the Stomdas team you can find employees who speak fluently the following foreign languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German;
  • The Stomdas Clinic is 10 minutes away from the “George Enescu” Airport Bacau, from where a driver of the clinic shall retrieve you;


To beneficiate from a personalized program, regarding the course of the trip (depending on your wishes: mountain, sea, monasteries, spa and balneal centers, historical, cultural places, agricultural tourism, etc.), the duration and cost of the treatments, it is necessary to send us a panoramic radiography, the exact date of your arrival in Bacau, Romania, a mobile phone number and the estimation of the time you wish to spend in the country, at the following email address: At this address we are at your disposal for any other additional questions.

You can find the available flights on the “George Enescu” International Airport Bacau here or visiting the website of the BlueAir Company which offers you all the flight options to us

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