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    Come to us and tell us what would you like to change in your smile. Maybe you want it whiter, or maybe you want your teeth to be straighter. Specialists from Stomdas will design with you the smile that you always wanted.

  • Dental Tourism

    Dental Tourism is a worldwide industry, and leaders are the Asian countries which saw in this niche the financial salvation of local stomatology.

  • Why Stomdas ?

    There are various reasons why you should get your dental treatment with us. Here are some of them:

  • Why in Bacau

    You will benefit of high quality medical services, inversely proportional to the prices we have. A simple view of the price list will convince you that you will pay even 10 times less than in your country for the same medical procedure.

The Team of Stomdas Romania

  • Dr. Dascalu Rodica

    Dr. Dascalu Rodica

    Medical Manager

    MD General Dentistry
    Qualified in Implantologie
    Qualified in Dental radiology

  • Dr. Stratu Doina

    Dr. Stratu Doina


    General dentistry

  • Dr. Constantin Cobjuc

    Dr. Constantin Cobjuc


    General dentistry

  • Dr. Bugaciu (Budau) Simona

    Dr. Bugaciu (Budau) Simona


    Competence of periodontology